Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Invest in Gold or Silver

1)The rate of silver is $34/ounce compare to $17/ounce last year .It has doubled in one year and also given 100% profit in just one year.
2)Unlike Gold silver doesn't have alternative to made its purpose.It has demand both in industrial and also ornament purpose.So the chances of increase its demand is high as compare to Gold.
3)People are stay away from Gold due to its high cost. So they have started liking the silver.

4)Already the gold yields lot of profit.But the Silver yields very less profit in the past.So in coming days the rate of gold will be decrease and the Silver has very good future in price wise.
5)Gold already touches its high, so Investors are selling the Gold and buying the Silver.This will increase the price of Silver rate.
6)In 1985 we can buy 49 oceans of silver per one oceans of gold. But now we can buy only 42oceans per one oceans of Gold.The ratio will decrease more in coming days.
7)Moreover due to safety reason and high cost of Gold, people preferring alternative and cheaply available jewelery.This reducing the demand of Gold in Gold jewelery field.Where as there is no alternative for silver metal as it has huge demand for industrial purpose .

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