Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Google adsense

While doing some research about this, I have come across some article which explains how you will generate income from Google adsense.

Here's how:

There is a ratio on how much you will earn on posting the Google adsense advertisements on your website. As you will know the eCPM and the CPM , it has a two way to earn revenue. First the " Per Impression" , if advertiser offers per impression of X ( x = represent as variable) and the eCPM is at $0.01 for a channel, you will calculate on how many visitors visit the site like, $0.01 multiply by (Visits / X ) = your earning for a day.

It depends on how may will click on the advertisement of Google adsense. Second the " Per Click ", if the advertisers offers a $0.15 per click, it will be calculated as like, (Impression / click) multiply by $0.15 = earnings per ratio impressions. This calculation are based on everyday consistency of visits and click of visitors, it is not the actual earning if you will have to publish on Google adsense.

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