Wednesday, March 10, 2010

making money apart from full time job

The other ways of making money apart from full time job is
1.Freelance writing.
Are you good in English.Have you good knowledge in English Grammer and good written English.Then you could be a freelancer writer for newspapers magazines other articles.At the starting you might be rejected but don’t loose hope.If you article is really very good you can make some extra cash.
2. Teach a language.
Do you speak no of language? This could make money for you. Teach the language for students and others who are interested.
3.Teaching At college :
If you are very good at any subject, take part time classes for Evening collegesIn that you can extra money.
5. Do u know how to play the piano, arranging flowers, making jewelry framing pictures, or raising roses.. Then do it for your friends and relatives. This could make some extra money
6. Like wise if you are good in any sports you can give coach for children and make money
7. If you are good in computer network you can rectify your friends and relatives computers problem and make extra money.
8. If you are good in Dance teach it for friends and children .You can do it as a full time jobs too. This will make you very good money.
9. Do you have very good friend circle and do you have very good dressing sense then you can sell the dress material to your friends.
10. If you are good in decoration decorate for birthday party and make extra money. First do it free for your friends soon you will get orders

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