Friday, March 19, 2010

Home based business ideas

Selling your designs
If you are good in art and drawing why can’t you become a Designer?
You can Design on T-Shirt, ladies tops, Kid wear .And also design on bed sheet,pillow cover, table covers etc. It requires very less investment. First you designed for your home and display it at your home. Later on gives it as a free for your friends and relatives. Once you get enough advertisement through mouth spread then you can sell you products. First you sell it with very less profit. If you are really very good in this work you could make very good money. Before that you have to do some market research. Don’t go for a design which you like most. Design should be selected according to people taste.

1. Approach super market and ask them to sell your product on commission basics.
2. Approach college and sell your designed product.
3. Approach beauty parlors and ask them to sell your product on commission basics.
4. Ask your friends to sell your design on commission basics.

At the beginning you might get very less profit, but once it picked up you can make very good money. The main advantage of this business is you will like this job and you can make some extra money form your free time. You can take care of your family as well as your business too. Happy Earning.

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